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Sunday, July 31, 2011

7/30/11 Lunging

Because of the rain and how late it was, I was only able to lunge Lego last night.  He was absolutely fantastic though! Georgia had been sick this week (my sweet yellow lab) so I was only able to get out to the farm a couple times this week.  After the few days of not seeing him, I quickly noticed how muscular he is getting! I love it! He looked really great and really fit during his trotting sets.  He was also moving better in the circles.  Going to the left/counter clockwise he was great, the shape of the circles was consistent and smooth, he had a little up hill and down hill to conquer and he was well balanced.  His clockwise direction isn't nearly as put together.  I think some of it was he was getting tired and it was getting dark, so I'll have to remember to try that side first next time!!

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