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Monday, August 1, 2011


Starting August off right! I was able to ride both my boys this morning! I got up super early before I had to be at work so I could ride Lego.  I got out to the barn and Chick was looking at me with his cute little face and his pricked ears and gorgeous eyes saying "I'd like to work today please!" so I tacked him up and off we went. His coughing was MUCH better so we had a fantastic little ride :)

Lego was REALLY confused, however! He kept staring at us and walked the fence line as we rode around.  I then went to get him to tack him up after riding Chick and he played a little hard to get, which he never does.  Silly boy.  I grabbed some grass, fed it to Connor, and instantly Lego was interested again of course! So I rode him outside the pasture again which I've only done once before.  Last time I only walked him because he was pretty excited to be out of his "home turf". This time I was hoping he'd settle down a bit so I could work him more today!  He was being really good so I did some trot sets with him and he was being really great.  We worked on being bold around spooky stuff, not that it really sets him off but I just want to encourage that courageousness!   Towards the end of our trot sets he started getting a little wound up so we worked on halting and standing quietly as well.  He was really great today! :)

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