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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The past few months

Sorry I've been absent the last couple of months! Things have been a bit crazy, but great!

I've ridden Lego a lot, although he had off about two weeks in August with me going out of town and him then losing a shoe when I finally got back out there to ride him! Other than that, he's doing so well!

We have been working on transitions and bending.  Bending around turns are definitely still a struggle for him.  He is also pretty picky about where he puts his feet.  If the grass is a bit long, he doesn't really like to go through it smoothly.

Wednesday 9/28/11:
Rode 40 minutes

Saturday 10/1/11:
Rode 40 minutes

Simple change of lead across the diagonal

Sunday 10/2/11:

Rode 45 minutes
First time jumping! I had my mom out to help with our first adventure jumping (on purpose that is...he has jumped before, such as over a pole the first time we trotted it).
He was SO good.  More on that later hopefully!

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