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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Super ride on Superhorse!

To anyone who has known the history/story of getting Lego, I couldn't figure out what to call him for a long time.  His racing name is Reel Legend, and I love that, but its a little long for a barn name.  His previous owner said they always just called him by his full name.  So I was able to come up with something a little shorter but it was hard! Jokingly I referred to him as Superhorse for probably four months before and after I got him.  Although we settled on Lego (my mom came up with that as a funny, shortened version of Legend), I still like referring to him as Superhorse when he's really good.

Anyway, tonight we clicked so well during our ride.  Despite the fact that while I was grooming him and tacking him up he fell asleep so when I went to put his bridle on and the bit went in his mouth he woke up all startled and confused like "Wait, what? When did this happen? How come you didn't warn me?!" It was hilarious.  So our ride was great, he was doing really well.  I decided to jump him a bit so we headed down to the crossrails.  He did so well, he is really trying to figure out what to do with himself.  He is very careful with his feet, and particular about where he puts them.  We trotted the jump a few times and he sometimes trotted over it and sometimes jumped it.  Right now, either way is fine with me as long as he continues balanced forward motion.  He does really well trotting in-cantering away from the fence.  We tried cantering over the jump and he did knock down one side of the crossrail, but when we did it again the other way he was fine.  He actually just cantered it and didn't jump it at all.  Not surprising when he is a 17.2+ hand horse and the cross rail is itty bitty!

He is coming along really well.  We still have a lot of work to do, but he's settling in to our routine and is working SOOO hard to figure out what I am asking of him.  I have probably never met/ridden a more eager to please horse.

Ride time: 55 min

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