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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 7th

Our streak is over. We had this great streak going where Lego has been sooooooooo great. Until Sunday. He suddenly forgot he had any knowledge of having a left lead...!?! Seriously. So that ride quickly spiraled into a different direction from where I was thinking and we ended up having a little "come to Jesus" meeting. I had planned on doing some flat work and then popping over a fence or two and working on stride adaptations. Once we started having trouble with the lead we worked on that for the whole rest of the time. It was verrrry difficult to keep my cool and stay focused on consistency. He definitely was pushing my buttons! It didn't help that he was still pretty pokey and I was tired from some of my gym workouts. We finally succeeded and I cooled him out.

Ride time: 1 hr 15min

I also rode Chick, and he was super awesome...as always! :) He and I rode for about an hour.

{Lego was confused about why he had on Chick's cooler}

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