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Sunday, November 6, 2011


I've been riding most weekends and Wednesday's on Lego, and often on Chick too.  We've done lots of conditioning and still have been working on bending, stretching, and relaxing while still moving forward.  As expected, that seems to be the longest process.  Lego is doing so great though, he is so willing and really loves his new job.  I think he still is a bit confused about where his competition is though!! :)

He loves trotting over poles and I try to do that as often as I can.  We do tons of circles and lots of changes of direction.  A few weeks ago we had our first time jumping (well, technically he jumped over the poles the first time they appeared in front of him, but this time it was over an actual jump).  We set up a small crossrail and began with walking over it, trotting over it, and finally cantering over it. He is doing so well with it.

Here's a video from yesterday of us trotting poles, cantering both directions, and cantering over a crossrail. He was a bit pokey-tired from his workouts this week.  Enjoy!

lego11/5/11 from k Tice on Vimeo.

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