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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas presents!!!

I received some AWESOME Christmas presents this year!!!  Among some of the wonderful things I was blessed with are some great equine products!!!

1.  An OTTB saddle pad from OTTB Designs!!! What an amazing saddle pad it is!! Its so nice and cushioned, really nice quality.  The embroidery is just tons and tons of stitches and is so nice.

2.  A protective vest.  Since I am wanting to get into eventing and they are required for cross country, I was hoping I'd get one soon!  After thinking more about it, I just think its a great idea to have one.  I  know that I'm not done working with Off Track Thoroughbreds and in the industry of retraining ex racers, its a good idea to be as protected as possible.  I love it so far, its not restrictive at all!!


  1. Love their pads, I'm dying for one too!! Looks great on your horse :)

  2. Thanks Kristen! I didn't know anyone else ever reads this!!! Yey! Thanks for reading!! I visited your blog, I love it!! I had just written down goals for my horse and saw that you do it too! Awesome!!! DEFINITELY get one of their saddle pads, they are SO worth it!!

  3. I just found your blog from ottb designs...your pony looks spectacular:-)

  4. I've decided.. the second I start riding again, the OTTB I shall insist on riding will always be wearing an OTTB Designs saddle pad.

  5. Thanks for reading Sarah and Natalie!! I definitely need to post more now that I know people are actually visiting my blog!! Just the motivation I need!! :)