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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is it Summer yet?

1/4/12 around 2:30pm

Oh. My. Gosh. It was SOOOO cold riding today!!!

I rode Lego today.  The thermometer said 33 degrees!! And that's not counting the wind chill!!!
We warmed up and I asked him to trot.  It was like he had 6 legs...at least.  It was soooo awkward!! I think he must have just been that cold!!! My mom said it looked fine.  She thought he was probably just very cold as well.  The ground wasn't the best condition either and we slipped slightly a few times so I decided we'd not risk doing much with a lot of intensity.  We worked for the first time on leg yielding/side passing at a fence.  He chews the bit like crazy when I ask him something new and I have to be VERY INCREDIBLY specific on what I am asking with him.  He's much different than Chick in that way.  We struggled through it both directions and then we walked away to take a break for a bit.  We came back to face the fence and I asked again, very clearly and calmly.  He did much better both directions.   We then cooled out and got him back under his blanket! :)

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