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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Raining on Wednesdays

WHY?!!!!! Does it always rain on Wednesdays??!!!

Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe its just around Central Virginia. Im not sure....but seriously. It has rained on 90% of Wednesdays for the last....5-6 months?! Its CRAZY!!! I know this, because I have most of the day off on Wednesdays. I go into work at 4:30pm so I usually try to book other work (Im a photographer and I sell Thirty-One in addition to my full time job as a personal trainer). If I am free, or after I have done my other jobs, I go out and ride my horses!
The problem is there are days like this...when it rains and rains and rains and the footing gets crappy (I don't have an indoor). I can't go riding in this weather so I do other things. Mainly yoga, but also doing my strength and cardio routine.

For today, I was pretty busy with other jobs but I was able to squeeze in 45 minutes of cardio and strength.

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