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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Lego did GREAT tonight.  He was such a good boy.  We warmed up with 5 min of walking, then did 5 minutes of bending, circling, walking straight lines with a straight body (trickier than it seems sometimes).  We then did 5 minutes of trotting, lots of changes in direction, circles, figure 8's, etc.  He was great.  There is just one side of our "riding area" that he has a difficult time with good turns.  Its on the downhill part and its close to the "in gate" towards the barn.  I think all of those things add up to a loss of focus and a little loss of balance in our rhythm.  He was stretching a LOT which was awesome! :)

Goal: Conditioning, flexibility
Time: 40min

Chick stared at us out of his stall and watched Lego and I ride the whole time so I knew I needed (and very much wanted) to ride Chick too.  I tacked him up and it began sprinkling.  Great.  But it stopped so I had time to get a quick LSD workout in.  We just walked around the farm up and down hills, looking at stuff which in his previous life he was terrified of.  Including our family of Canada Geese who ran down to the pond (which we were standing right beside) and dramatically splashed into it right in front of him. Which of course perked my lab Georgia's ears and she took off and started splashing too.  Fortunately she knows better than to chase geese though! :)
Chick did great, we had a wonderful ride.  It amazes me how he can change my mood so much.  I wasn't in the greatest of moods when I got to the barn and while Lego did help it, Chick really changes it.  :) I love these guys and I am SO thankful for them!

Goal: LSD
Time: 20 min (due to light diminishing)

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