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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I rode Lego this morning for about 30 minutes since it was so warm outside.  He was already sweaty by the time I tacked him up, but his HR & respirations were fine so I went ahead and did a light workout.  We worked mainly on corners, bending, and getting him more supple. Its going to be a long road to get him relaxed and flexible on both sides. His left side is much more stiff than his right. Since it was so warm, we mainly just worked at the walk.  Everything we are working on is transferrable to the faster gaits, and it just isn't worth risking heat illness at this point! We have *plenty* to work on while just walking!! :)
When we did do some trotting, we did big circles and I asked him to bend around the arc and he did the best he's ever done.  As soon as he gave into my cues, I praised him and we walked. He seems very responsive to my praises and pats :) I am trying to be very consistent about vocalization cues to him, both praises and prepping him for gait transitions.

Time: 30 min
Goal: Work on flexibility and getting more supple. (and survive the VERY warm weather)

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