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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Lego was great this evening.  The weather was perfect and he was in a great mood.  He really seems to be happier working :) 
We started out just warming up at a walk, lots of circles (noticing a trend here?).  After about 10min we began trotting nice large circles with a change of direction and a figure 8.  We trotted about 3.5minutes then took a short walk break and did it again.  He REALLY wanted to Canter after our fun we had last evening but I didn't want to encourage excitement during our rides so we kept it at a trot today.  We also did the ground poles again which we hadn't done in a few rides.  I typically ride those in 2-point and he was great.  His turns are getting much better as he responds to me riding both sides of the horse and shaping the circles. I had my wonderful mom take a few photos of us so we can see our progress! 

Ride time: 45min
Goal: The goal was to canter again, this time with smoother transitions, however he was pretty excited about going fast so we reinforced a steady pace at the trot instead.  :)

I rode Chick again this evening also, just for 30 minutes of walking up and down the pasture hills.  We did about 2 minutes of trotting.  He was super...as always :)

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