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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Let the awesome rides continue! I actually rode Chick first and then had dinner with my family and then went back out to ride Lego this evening. It was 9:00 on the dot when I got on and we were only really able to ride for 27 minutes. Lego was soooo good though! We walked up to the "riding area" and as I warmed up in 2-point he spooked at a bird (it was past dusk after all) but it wasn't too big of a deal. I realized I'd have to ride him more boldly and forward than I presently was if we were going to ride so late!! It really made me focus on sitting tall and back and riding him forward confidently. It worked really well. He was great the whole rest of the time and didn't look at a thing! He actually was circling and bending through the turns pretty well. The corners still need work, but the circles are getting MUCH better! I only trotted him for about 10 minutes before we went back down towards the barn to cool out by the flood lights. We worked there on turns and smaller circles :)

Chicky was good. He had been in a bad mood all day as reported by my mom so I rode him first to try to cheer him up. He was great. We just walked to warm up and then I had him do some leg yielding, haunches in, shoulder in, etc. He was really cute, probably thinking "after how many years you want me to remember how to do this??!!" :) But he did pretty well considering! I trotted him just a bit and then cooled him out.

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