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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Never ever has this horse wanted anything to do with getting his feet wet.  He fell on the "never gonna happen" side of the spectrum.  However, in our trail rides lately he has expressed more interest in the water, particularly the ponds that we walk beside.  Willingly walking up toward the water's edge and sniffing.  He won't dare touch the water though.  Today on our trail ride was a different story.  We were celebrating the acquisition of additional acreage onto our farm and were riding along the edge of the new back field (or Backfield as my mom and step dad are calling it).  There were a couple of puddles and I figured I'd aim him at them and see what happened....much to my surprise-nothing! He walked right through and didn't even realize he was in water until about the 10th step!! :) Enjoy the video I shot of our 2nd pass through the puddle! :)

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