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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gorgeous Day!

I was able to ride today in the gorgeous weather we had. It was really nice, about 64 degrees and partly sunny.  Soooooo nice.  I only had time to hop on Lego before it got too dark.  We stayed in a different part of the field today working on circles and balancing.  I remember reading about a clinic George Morris did where he had the students go into a field and ride different shapes, and then ride in circles on a small hill so that you'd have to deal with balancing your horse and keeping the speed and momentum relatively constant.  That's what we worked on today.  Not overkill, just a bit.  I only rode for 42 minutes and he did a great job.  I did some work in 2 point too, and allowed him even more flexibility to figure himself out. I do think its making a difference.  My mom came out to watch and hadn't seen us ride much lately (other than our brief jumping of the line yesterday) and remarked at how much more like a team we are looking.  Im so excited for our upcoming lesson with Molly. I hope we can get some work done on our left lead since we are still have problems with it.  Im crossing my fingers because if its not a training thing then we'll have to get our vet out to see if its a soundness thing that isn't otherwise noticeable, which it could maybe be. I'd also like her to evaluate my position for eventing (you know, since Im an equitation/huntseat girl crossing over to the dark side and all, haha). =)

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