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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snowy Delay

Well, I got word yesterday that our first schooling show which was going to be this Sunday is cancelled.  We are supposed to get snow, so I am guessing that's the reason, but I am a bit bummed about it! Its been a pretty rough week around here, so I was looking forward to that as being some positivity amid some sadder times.  I am going to look for another schooling show in the next few weeks, though I am super busy with work (I am a full time personal trainer at ACAC, I am a photographer for Claire Sky Photography and Brant Gamma Photography, and I sell Thirty-One), so we'll see what I can fit in!
I am headed off today to buy grain (snowy forecasts) and then off to Plain Dealing Farm to watch their  schooling CT/HT.  I am excited to see that, as I've only been to recognized events such as Virginia Horse Trials, Stuart Horse Trials, and a slew of events in Southern Pines, NC at the Carolina Horse Park, (which is one of my favorite venues!!) while shooting with Brant.  Hopefully I'll get a lot of riding in today also, since its supposed to be so nice out!
Ive been wanting to do some lungeing work with Lego, but I keep putting it off since I like to RIDE him.  Maybe today will be the day? I'd also like to do a few simple gymnastics exercises and see how he does.

Have fun out there!

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