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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter Schooling Horse Trials @ Plain Dealing Farm

I started off the day visiting Plain Dealing Farm for their schooling horse trials.  It was a really nice, sunny day and the farm is of course, super beautiful.  I was intersted in seeing how the turn out was and the atmosphere, so that next time they have one (June I think?), I can hopefully take Lego and know the flow of things.  I observed the dressage ring and a few Advanced Green show jump rounds.  It was good timing to see those tests/rounds since thats what we would be doing! It was a very friendly SJ course, just some simple, inviting cross rails.  I headed out to cross country next to see the types of jumps, lay outs, etc.  Again, I've seen lots of recognized events, but this is my first unrecognized at a private farm and I was curious what they had and how they had it set up.  There were awesome jumps everywhere.  It was really cool.  Banks, water elements, ditches, trakehners, and of course benches, logs, etc.  There were a good number of lower level elements, which encourages me to contact Molly Bull and see if lessons might be available or schooling over their cross country course.
Here's a pic of the overall atmosphere during BN XC. It was very relaxed and as each rider finished, Brian Ross (of VA Horse Trials and ~1000 other things) and Eileen Kenney (of Wavertree Hall) asked them how they thought it went and offered a bit of insight.  It was nice.

 Below is Jump 1 of BN, and Jump 8 of Adv Green, just some stacked logs.
 Here's the banks, a ramp up if you choose, and then a jump down on the other side.
 This one was a tricky one.  A faux ditch to a small house.

Here's the faux ditch from the side. I think I'd like to build one like this.  
Adv Green and BN show jump
Permanent dressage ring, very pretty

I am glad I went to observe the event, and I got some good advice to attend a "Fix a test" at either Wavertree Hall or Toad Hollow Farm coming up in the next few months.  Sounds like a good idea. It was wonderful getting to chat with Brian Ross and Eileen Kenney, they were really nice and welcoming  of the "new" girl. :) 

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