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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hurry before the flakes get us!

I stayed out at the farm Saturday night since I was housesitting for my parents.  I woke up early Sunday to go feed and everyone was so happy to see me, though still wondering where their other mama was :)

The forecast was calling for the snow to start around 10am and I really wanted to get a ride in on Lego before that.  I let him eat and go out to graze for a while and then hopped up on him around 9am.  We walked over to the flat holding yard that my parents put in for their wholesale landscape and nursery business which was currently vacant of plants and trees.  It is nice and flat and has great footing so it makes a nice place to ride.  I've never taken Lego over there so I was interested to see how he did not being able to see the other horses.  He did wonderfully and I think honestly, he really liked having the structure of a "ring".  He knew where the boundaries were and where he needed to be.  I was also happy to see our circles were a great shape and he wasn't too distracted looking around at our surroundings. We rode for about 45 min again and I was very happy with how he did.  His fitness is really great too,  I'm very pleased with how in shape he is with me only able to get out here about 2-3x per week this winter!

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